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Borrower’s Responsibilities
These rules apply to all Faculty, Students and Staff

- All equipment is the responsibility of the borrower. If equipment is lost, stolen, broken or damaged the borrower is responsible for the full cost of repair or replacement.
- Equipment is for academic purposes only

- Valid OCAD University photo I.D. must be presented in order to sign out equipment

- Equipment can be borrowed for a maximum of up to 24 hours or over weekends. Restricted equipment can not be signed out overnight and must not leave campus.

- Always check the condition of the equipment BEFORE you leave to ensure that everything is working. If you return broken or damaged equipment you will be deemed responsible.
- Only one reservation may be made at a time. When the reserved item has been returned a new reservation may be requested

- Reservations must be picked up within an hour of the reserve time or the reservation is voided.

- Loans can be renewed up to two times pending availability of equipment. When renewing equipment call in advance so that you have enough time to return the equipment if it is reserved.

- Late fines accumulate daily. Fines are $10 per day, per item.
- Unpaid fines will result in suspended borrowing privileges. Failure to settle late fines by the end of semester will result in your academic account being placed on hold. A hold on your account will prevent you from registering for any further courses or collecting your transcript.

- Never leave equipment unattended. Leaving equipment unattended will result in a $100 fine. If the equipment is stolen you will be responsible for the full replacement value.
- Equipment is your responsibility, it must never be given to someone else to use or return on your behalf.


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