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The Opt-in Laptop Program provides Adobe, Microsoft and other software, and high quality service and support to minimize time lost learning due to technology failures. We support you on campus through a Laptop Helpdesk, including software imaging support and on-campus repair support.

IT Services Knowledge Base:

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How does the Laptop Program work?

How do I opt-in to the program?

IT Services Knowledge Base: Laptop Program: How do I opt in to the Opt in Laptop Program?

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Do you own a laptop?

I own an Apple MacBook Pro or Air

Great! You own a recommended computer. You don't need to buy a new computer.

I don't have a computer.

Please buy an OCAD U Recommended Laptop.

I have some other kind of laptop.

You may use your laptop, but there is limited support for it.



Opt-in Laptop Program

MacBook Pro 15" (Retina and non-Retina)


MacBook Pro 13" (Retina and non-Retina)

Recommended, but if you're considering the Retina MacBook Pro, we strongly recommend you consider the 256GB SSD, as the 128GB SSD is very small for adding Windows.

MacBook Air

Supported, not recommended.

Lenovo W Series


Any other PC Laptop

Not Recommended

What Software?

The software bundle includes the most current version of:

When new versions of Microsoft Office or Adobe Creative Suite are released, we roll these out to students typically by the next semester.

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What does it cost?

Please refer to the Fees page for the most detail for your program.

I have other questions.

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