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IT Services provides access to computing for the entire OCAD community. We support three scheduled Academic Computing Studios for structured curricular use, Computer Clusters, the Library, Learning Zone and collaborate with Studio Management on studio computing.

Booking Computer Studios

All Computer Studio booking is done through Faculty Offices. If you are external to the University, please contact Facilities Rental

Computer Studios: Hardware

Scheduled Computer Studios # Hardware Dual-boot?*
317G 29 27" Intel iMac Yes
665 29 21.5" Intel iMac Yes
1430 29 21.5" Intel iMac Yes
Open Computing
317 Info Commons 13 27" Intel iMac Yes
4th Floor Cluster 3 21.5" Intel iMac Yes
5th Floor Cluster 3 21.5" Intel iMac Yes
6th Floor Cluster 2 20" Intel iMac & 24" Intel iMac Yes
Library Info Commons 25 20" (20) & 21.5" (4) Intel iMac, Yes
Learning Zone 6 24" Intel iMac (4) & 21.5" (2) Intel iMac Yes
51 McCaul Student Centre 4 20" Intel iMac No
Centre for Students with Disabilities 8 20" Intel iMac Yes, Accessibility Software
7109 Graduate Studies 1 Mac Pro 8-core 2.66GHz Yes
Graduate Studies Clusters 2 24" Intel iMac Yes
Faculty of Art Facilities      
Printmaking 6 21.5" Intel iMac No
Integrated Media 12 21.5" Intel iMac, Mac Pro No
Photography 12 24" Intel iMac No
Physical Computing Lab 358 15 21.5" Intel Mac (3), 12 x HP Mini 5101 Netbooks (12) Yes
Digital Painting 460 6 21.5" Intel iMacs, HP z400 Workstation, Wacom Cintiq Displays
Digital Painting 440 5 20" Intel iMacs (4), MacMini (1), Wacom Cintiq Displays


Computer Studios: Software

Software Type Location Program Use
Adobe Creative Cloud
(Audition, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, Dreamweaver, Flash, AfterEffects, Premiere, Lightroom)
2D Creative & Interactive, Video Editing, Audio Editing, Motion Graphics Computer Studios and Clusters All Programs
Apple Final Cut Pro X Video Editing, Audio Editing, Motion Graphics 353, Computer Studios and Clusters Integrated Media, Photo
Arduino & Processing Programming Computer Studios and Clusters Integrated Media
Audacity Audio Editing Computer Studios and Clusters First Year Art, Integrated Media
Autodesk 3Ds Max Design 3D Modelling & Animation Computer Studios and Clusters Integrated Media
AutoDesk Mudbox 3D Modeller Digital Painting Drawing and Painting
Solidworks 3D for Manufacturing Computer Studios Continuing Studies
Cinema 4D 3D Animation Computer Studios, 440/460 Drawing and Painting
Corel Painter X3 Digital Painting, Printmaking All Studios and Clusters Printmaking, Drawing & Painting
Cubase 7 Audio 317G Integrated Media
Flamingo Renderer for 3D Computer Studios and Clusters Material Art & Design, Industrial Design
iLife (iMovie, iWeb, iPhoto) Video Editing, Photo Editing, Interactive Computer Studios and Clusters First Year Art, All Programs
iStopMotion Frame-by-Frame Animation 317G Integrated Media, First Year Art
MAX 6 Programming Computer Studios and Clusters Integrated Media
Microsoft Office Productivity Campus Wide All Programs
Rhino 3D 3D Modelling, RP Computer Studios and Clusters Industrial Design, Material Art & Design


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Wed Jul 23, 2014, 8:30pm

Phone system service interruption
IT Services is performing maintenance on the campus phone network. Desk phones will be periodically unusable.

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