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1. Log in to your student e-mail account

Browse to to log on to the OCAD Student Email system. Student e-mail is the official method of communication between you and the University.

2. Log in to Canvas

Canvas is OCAD U's learning management system. It has a number of strengths that particularly suit it to art and design education.

3. Are you in the Laptop Program? Should you join?

In 2014, all First Year students are part of our mandatory Laptop Program and are required to have a Laptop in class.

4. Set up your print account

Printing at OCAD is tracked using an accounting system tied to your e-mail username. To add print credits, buy tickets at the Cashier’s office, Level 1, 115 McCaul, and visit the Service Bureau (room 266 at 100 McCaul St.) to have them added to your account. Once you've done that, you can print to printers across campus, including the library, Information Commons, and computer studios.

All printers are named after the room that they reside in, followed by their model number. This way all printers are easy to locate. For instance, the HP2300 printer in room 640 is called 640_HP2300.

Always make sure you know where you are sending a print job before you click the 'print' button!

Visit our Printing page for more information on OCAD printing services.

5. Computer Studios

Visit our Computer Studios for the details on the hardware and software available to you, and feel free to familiarize yourself with the various studios, computer clusters and the Information Commons in person.

6. Get Your Questions Answered

IT Services staff at OCAD aim to be accessible and helpful. Contact our Help Desk or check our Knowledge Base.


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