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20121003 Strategic Plan


Facilities initiatives and practices

The campus-wide use of natural, environmentally friendly cleaning products by janitorial staff.

A rigorous campus-wide recycling program that includes recycling used hand towels, broken furniture and scrap studio materials, such as metal and plastics.

Pilot-testing of water-efficient plumbing fixtures, including waterless urinals which can reduce up to 150,000 litres of water per unit, annually.

Use of high-efficiency lighting and motion sensor–activated lighting throughout the campus.

Discouragement of bottled water at campus events, and a mandate to install drinking fountains as part of campus renovation projects.

Installation of water bottle fill station located near room 190, 100 McCaul Street.

Ongoing recycling program for dry-cell batteries located in the mailroom (Room 239, 100 McCaul Street).

Ongoing recycling program for printer cartridges and cell phones located in the mailroom (Room 239, 100 McCaul Street) and the Service Bureaus on levels 2 and 6 at 100 McCaul Street.

IT sustainability initiatives and practices

Automated nightly shutdown and efficient power-management for all academic computers.

Default double-sided print settings for all campus copiers and printers.

Implementation of a digital pay statement system for OCAD U employees, instead of paper.

Implementation of virtualization, server consolidation, energy-efficient hard drives and shared power supplies in OCAD U’s data centre.

Studio initiatives

The implementation of a new vegetable/coconut oil-based solvent called Etisol, to replace the use of toxic solvents in all OCAD U studios.

Using BIO-CIRCLE, a self-contained unit used to clean oils with microbes, in OCAD U’s Metal and Drawing & Painting studios.

A recovery program implemented in the Photography Centre where waste chemicals are pumped through a metallic replacement cartridge, which removes the silver and replaces it with iron, an environmentally safer agent.

Old rubber moulds from Foundry & Mouldmaking Studios are cut into pieces and reused for packing material.

Student initiatives

Campus Cupboard

A student-run, not-for-profit bulk food store that provides minimally packaged, minimally processed, affordable, wholesome and organic food to OCAD U students, faculty and staff.

Food Share

The Good Food Box runs like a large buying club with centralized buying and coordination. Twice a month, OCAD U students, faculty and staff can place orders for boxes with the volunteer coordinator at the Student Centre and receive a box brimming with fresh, tasty produce.


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