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20121003 Strategic Plan


OCAD University is committed to advancing responsible environmental practices and promoting sustainability through its academic and administrative programs and practices. OCAD U wishes to engage its stakeholders, both internally and externally, in discussing and taking actions to reduce waste, increase recycling and limit carbon emissions. The university will continue to support and launch initiatives that reflect the concern the OCAD U community shares regarding environmental responsibility and sustainability, and will be an active champion for innovation that advances “green” thinking and practices. 

Sustainability Task Force

OCAD U’s Sustainability Task Force is composed of students, faculty and staff and is responsible for developing strategies to improve institutional sustainability, promote environmentally responsible practices and highlight existing “green” activities. The Sustainability Task Force is developing strategic partnerships between OCAD U and external organizations with the goal of improving our university’s positive impact on the environment and raising awareness of sustainable practices.

Sustainability Office

The role of the Sustainability Office is to coordinate all sustainability initiatives on campus. The office will work closely with the Sustainability Task Force, the Sustainability Working Group of the New Ecology of Learning (NEL), and the Sustainability Salon.

If you would like get involved or learn more please contact:

Minesh Mandoda, HBSc , Minor Geology

Coordinator, Sustainability Initiatives

Office of Diversity, Equity and Sustainability Initiatives

Telephone: 416 977-6000 Ext. 4862



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