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20121003 Strategic Plan



The Integrated Media studios provide students with the space and equipment needed to produce works in film, video, audio and electronics. Facilities include:

Integrated Media technicians are available to assist students in the various studios. Technicians also operate the Sign-Out Cage where students enrolled in Integrated Media courses can sign out industry standard video and film cameras, audio recording equipment and studio lights. The Sign-Out Cage also sells electronics supplies, video tapes (mini-DV), CDs, DVDs and film stock (S8 and 16mm).

The Sign-Out Cage displays student work on video monitors throughout the year. Students organize an annual cabaret that showcases the artwork of our students. Faculty and students also organize Nerd Nite, the Sumo Robot Challenge and a drop-in weekly Music Jam.


INTM - Area Support Staff Schedule - Winter 2014

Room 340 - Teaching Studio Schedule - Winter 2014

Room 353 - Media Lab Schedule - Winter 2014

Room 354 - Audio Lab Schedule - Winter 2014

Room 355 - Shooting Studio Schedule - Winter 2014

Room 358 - Hybrid Media Lab Schedule - Winter 2014

Room 370a - Digital Animation Stand Schedule - Winter 2014

Room 371 - Teaching Studio Schedule - Winter 2014


George Docherty
416-977-6000, Ext. 299
Office: 350 

Almerinda Travassos
416-977-6000, Ext. 350
Office: 350

Ryan Randall
416-977-6000, Ext. 243
Office: 350



The shops and studios are now closed for end of term maintenance and preparation for OCAD University's 99th annual Graduate Exhibition.


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