Innovation, Productivity and Sustainability Task Force (IPSTF) Mandate

In order to address the fiscal realities in Ontario, our new Strategic Mandate Agreement (SMA), strategic plan, and to prepare us for a changeable future, the President is establishing the Innovation, Productivity and Sustainability Task Force (IPSTF). Guided by the priorities of our strategic plan Advancing Excellence at OCAD University for the Age of Imagination, 2012-2017 and the related SMA submission, the Task Force will look for the following:

Consultation Approach:

The Task Force will:

The recommendations will flow directly to the President and then to the Cabinet and Senior Management Group through regular updates during the process. It is expected that the IPSTF will conclude its work in the winter of 2014 and that interim reports will be prepared to supplement and assist in the 2013-14 budget planning process.

Guiding Principles


IPSTF Executive Sponsor:
Dr. Sara Diamond, President and Vice-Chancellor

Task Force Steering Committee Co-Chairs:
Alan Simms, Vice-President (Finance & Administration)
Dr. Christine Bovis-Cnossen, Vice-President (Academic)

Task Force Members:
Faculty of Art: Professor Peter Sramek
Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences: Professor Rosemary Donegan
Faculty of Design: Professor Jeremy Bowes
Graduate Studies: Martha Ladly, Associate Dean
Director of HR: Nicky Davis
Director of Finance: Peter Fraser
UG Student Representative: Nicholas Smith
GR Student Representative: Olabiyi Adeolu Dipeolu
Secretary to the Task Force: Natalie Nanton


The IPSTF will have two sub-committees with two members not included in the membership of the Task Force. The Administrative Efficiencies Sub-committee will explore non-curricular opportunities including those in academic administration and the Academic/Curricular Efficiencies Sub-committee will explore opportunities with respect to curriculum and academic delivery. In addition to finding cost savings within the institution, each sub-committee has the mandate to explore revenue generating opportunities.

Administrative Efficiencies Sub-committee:
Alan Simms (Chair)
Rosemary Donegan
Jeremy Bowes
Connie Arezes-Reis
Grace Cheng
Alastair McLeod
Peter J. Lashko
Olabiyi Adeolu Dipeolu
Natalie Nanton (Secretary to the Sub-committee)

Academic/Curricular Efficiencies Sub-committee:
Dr. Christine Bovis-Cnossen (Chair)
Peter Sramek
Martha Ladly
Nicky Davis
Peter Fraser
Andrew McAllister
Susan Ferguson
Nick Hooper
Nicholas Smith
Natalie Nanton (Secretary to the Sub-committee)

Community Participation

All members of the OCAD University community will be invited to submit their ideas for cost mitigations/reductions and/or revenue generation to the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee will review submissions and charge the sub-committees with assessing the feasibility of various initiatives. Project teams will be created around each initiative that moves forward and it is expected that community members will be invited to participate in the project development.


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