Please note that statutory deductions such as Employment Insurance, Canada Pension Plan and Federal Tax will be deducted for all employees of OCAD University. Benefit premiums and union/association dues will also be deducted, where applicable. 

Faculty and Academic Staff
Faculty and academic staff are paid the first day of each month (or the business day before, if the first falls on a weekend or holiday) for the work performed during the previous month. For example, the first pay date for the academic year will be August 1 for work performed in July.  

Tenure, Probationary, Continuing and CLTA faculty members are paid over 12 months. Sessional instructors are paid over the semesters that they are employed.

Permanent, Probationary and Contract Technicians (subject to change) are paid over the semesters that they are employed.  Those who are not scheduled to work during the full academic year (Fall/Winter/Summer) are paid over 9 months.

Academic Counsellors
Permanent, Probationary and Contract Academic Counsellors are paid over the semesters that they are employed.

Teaching Assistants
Teaching Assistants are paid as per their contract.

Administrative Staff and Managers
All Administrative Staff and Managers are paid bi-weekly, up to and including the pay day. 

Monitors and Models
Models and Monitors are paid bi-weekly based on timesheets submitted to the Finance office.



Employment Opportunities



Just a friendly reminder that performance reviews should be submitted to Human Resources by no later than Thursday, August 1, 2014.  


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