Ex-Officio Voting Senators
   The President  Dr. Sara Diamond
   The Vice-President, Academic  Dr. Christine Bovis-Cnossen
   The Associate Vice-President, Research and Dean, Graduate Studies  Dr. Helmut Reichenbächer
   The Chancellor  Ms. Catherine Delaney
   Dean, Faculty of Art  Dr. Vladimir Spicanovic
   Dean, Faculty of Design  Dr. Gayle Nicoll
   Dean, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences  Dr. Caroline Langill
   The University Registrar  Ms. Elisabeth Paradis
   The University Librarian and Director, Library Services  Ms. Jill Patrick
 1  External Member appointed by and from the Board of Governors  Mr. Michel Frappier
 1  Chief Officer, Continuing Studies  Mr. Evan Tapper
 1  Alumni Representative appointed by the Alumni Association  Ms. Virginia Trieloff
Elected Voting Senators, Faculty
4 Faculty Area faculty Senators - Art Prof. Michèle White
    Prof. Diane Pugen
    Prof. Andrea Fatona
    Prof. Simone Jones
4 Faculty Area faculty Senators - Design Prof. Keith Rushton
    Prof. Lenore Richards
    Prof. Steve Quinlan
    Prof. Bruce Hinds
4 Faculty Area faculty Senators - Liberal Arts & Sciences Prof. Rosemary Donegan
    Prof. Nick Puckett
    Dr. Lynne Milgram
    Prof. Bonnie Devine
4 Faculty At-Large Senators Dr. Charles Reeve
    Prof. Sandy Kedey
    Prof. Laura Millard
    Prof.  Natalie Waldburger
4 Chairs/Associate Deans - Faculty of Art Prof. Peter Sramek
    Prof. J.J. Lee
    Prof. Simon Glass
4  Chairs/Associate Deans - Faculty of Design Prof. Paul Epp
    Prof. Roderick Grant
    Prof. Tony Kerr
    Prof. Colleen Reid
2 Chairs/Associate Deans - Faculty of Liberal Studies Prof. Ananda Chakrabarty
    Prof. Ian Clarke
1 Associate Dean - Graduate Studies Dr. Michael Prokopow
1 Interdisciplinary Studies Representative Dr. Dot Tuer
Elected Voting Senators, Students
3 Undergraduate Student Senators Lisa Frost
    Joanne (JJ) Davis
    Thomas Hart
1 Graduate Student Senator Naseer Roopani
Ex-Officio Non-Voting Members
  The Vice-President, Finance & Administration Mr. Alan Simms
  The Associate Vice-President, Students Ms. Deanne Fisher
  The Vice-President, Development and Alumni Relations and President, OCAD University Foundation Ms. Jill Birch
  The Director, Centre for Innovation in Art & Design Education (CIADE)  TBD
   Former Chair of Senate Dr. Archie Graham 

*At the March 31, 2014 meeting of the OCAD University Senate, a new Senate membership constituency was approved and will be implemented as of July 1, 2014. The new Senate membership constituency can be viewed here.


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