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20121003 Strategic Plan


The OCAD University Institutional Quality Assurance Process (IQAP) Policy describes the procedures for developing, reviewing and approving new undergraduate and graduate program proposals and changes to existing programs. In addition, it outlines the process for the University’s annual program review cycle. This internal process specifies the requirements of OCAD University’s governance process to the point of submission to the Quality Council as appropriate.

The Senate of OCAD U holds ultimate responsibility for the Institutional Quality Assurance Process via the Senate Quality Assurance Committee, and the authority responsible for the policy’s administration and application is the university’s senior academic officer, the Vice-President, Academic. The Vice-President, Academic is also the authoritative contact between the University and the Ontario Universities Council on Quality Assurance (Quality Council).

For more information regarding OCAD U’s IQAP Policy, please contact: 

Natalie Nanton
Coordinator (Academic Governance)
and Interim Secretary to Senate
Office of the Vice-President, Academic
T 416-977-6000, Ext. 2856


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