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OCAD University is committed to the principles of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA), namely:

Transparency: information under the custody and control the university should be made available to the public with limited and narrowly defined exceptions (i.e., private donations to the university archives; most labour relations and employment related records; teaching materials; and research related records).

Privacy: personal information under the custody and control of the university should be protected from unauthorized collection, use, and disclosure.

Access to University Records

OCAD University (OCAD U) routinely provides information to the public through its administrative and academic units, its publications and its website. Routine requests for information are welcomed by all departments and will be evaluated with reference to existing practices and procedures. In the event that records under OCAD U's custody and control are not provided under existing procedures, a formal request may be made for access under FIPPA.

How to make an information request under FIPPA:
All requests must be in writing, either in a letter or on the request form provided. Make your request as specific and concise as possible and identify where you think the requested record(s) may be found.

Include your name, mailing address, daytime phone number and the initial $5.00 fee in your request.    

Send your request to:

FIPPA Coordinator
Library Services
OCAD Univesrity
100 McCaul Street, Toronto, ON M5T 1W1

There could be fees associated with completing your request for access to records.

FIPPA allows for individuals to request correction to their personal information under the custody and control of the University.

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Protection of Personal Privacy

OCAD University respects the privacy of personal information under its custody and control and adheres to the privacy protection principles for the collection, use, disclosure, retention, and disposal of personal information embodied in FIPPA. For details on how OCAD U collects, uses and discloses personal information, see Privacy and personal information collection (PDF).

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