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For over 135 years OCAD University has been shaping the evolution of Canada's art and design mindscape. Our graduates and faculty  from the Group of Seven to Doris McCarthy to Ian Carr-Harris to designers such as Don Watts and Claude Gidman have been at the forefront of our cultural innovation, helping to shape our nation's sense of itself, and projecting Canada out to the world.

As we celebrate our incredible legacy of imagination and future-building, OCAD U is emerging as a powerful art, design and digital hub at the heart of Toronto, an important driver in Canada's creative economy and a key shaper of a better future. 

Why OCAD U needs your support

OCAD U students and faculty contribute to jobs, prosperity, sustainability and social enterprise. They are visionaries who see the possibility and promise of a more beautiful, sustainable and functional world. At OCAD U, we have the skills to build that future and change the world.

More than ever, society needs such visionaries, with the skills to take on the 21st century's toughest challenges. More than ever, society needs the unique educational, experiential and research training offered by OCAD U.

Gifts to OCAD U enable the university to provide new opportunities for learning and discovery, to push the boundaries and the future of art and design. Gifts to OCAD U provide financial assistance to our students and to help meet emerging needs and challenges. Gifts to our unrestricted funds also give OCAD U the flexibility to undertake critical new initiatives. Inspire creative thought by supporting OCAD U today!

Make a difference at OCAD U!

OCAD U - Alumni - Giving - What OCAD U Means to MeWe asked eight current students what gifts from donors mean to them. They replied with some heartfelt and inspiring answers that speak to the impact philanthropic support makes directly on campus. Learn how gifts to OCAD U make a real difference.

About OCAD U

OCAD U has more depth and breadth in art and design education and research than any other institution in Canada. Located in the heart of Toronto, the country's largest centre for design, culture, and business, OCAD U is a registered Canadian charity. No. 10779 7250 R0001

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