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20121003 Strategic Plan

Employment Equity at OCAD University

Employment Equity is a federal government initiative whose purpose is to ensure all Canadians have a fair chance in the areas of recruitment, hiring, remuneration, promotion and training. This program strives for a diverse workforce, equitable and fair employment systems. In particular, it seeks to improve the employment status of four designated groups, namely Women, Aboriginal Peoples, Persons with Disabilities and Members of Visible Minorities, who have traditionally faced discrimination in the workplace. Under this program, employers are required to identify and remove barriers in employment policies and practices, remedy effects of past discrimination, and ensure proportionate representation of designated groups throughout the organization.

OCAD University is committed to supporting equity, diversity, inclusion and dignity of all people as well as establishing equal opportunities in employment. To that end, the university will seek to identify and remove barriers in employment including its recruitment, hiring, training, and promotion practices and foster a climate of equity. Over and above the four designated groups the University shall from time to time review status and identity other underrepresented groups

The Federal Contractors Program (FCP)

The Federal Contractors Program (FCP) requires that organizations with 100 or more employees and who receive at least $200,000 in federal contracts commit to implementing employment equity with regard to four designated groups  Aboriginal people, people with disabilities, visible minorities/racialized groups and women by seeking to remove systemic barriers to the representation of these designated groups in the workforce. As of Fall 2010, OCAD U is voluntarily participating in the FCP.


Amanda Hotrum
Director, Diversity & Equity Initiatives

OCAD University
100 McCaul St
Toronto, Ontario
M5T 1W1

416-977-6000 x4860


Participants Comments:

Stan Krzyzanowski: I arrived thinking I'd have nothing to say and left bursting with what I wanted to say, but didn't get a chance to as everyone got a chance to be heard and listened to.

Spencer Harrison: Let us learn more about each other and in doing so, learn more about ourselves.

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