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20121003 Strategic Plan


The Educational & Employment Equity Committee (EEEC) is an advisory committee to the President and the Board of Governors. Its mandate is to create an equitable and accessible educational and employment environment, diversify curriculum and teaching methods, and ensure recruitment and retention of underrepresented student groups as well as faculty and staff. To learn more about the EEEC, please view the Terms of Reference:

EEEC Terms of Reference

2011/2012 EEEC Membership

The EEEC has several categories of memberships: permanent, non-permanent and co-opted members. The members include faculty, staff, alumni and a Board of Governors representative.

2012/2013 EEEC Membership
2011/2012 EEEC Membership
2010/2011 EEEC Membership

Diversity Action Plan

The Diversity Action Plan at OCAD University is a proactive university wide, action-oriented initiative established by the EEEC. The initiative will infuse the values of diversity and equity into all facets of the OCAD U community. Faculty, staff and students will take full responsibility for the implementation of these core values and ensure their integration in all work, decision-making, practices and policies.

2010/2011 Diversity Action Plans
Office of the President
Human Resources
Marketing & Communications
Aboriginal Visual Culture Program
IT Services
Library Services
Student Union
Faculty of Design
Faculty of Art

Faculty of Liberal Studies
Student Services


Participants Comments:

Stan Krzyzanowski: I arrived thinking I'd have nothing to say and left bursting with what I wanted to say, but didn't get a chance to as everyone got a chance to be heard and listened to.

Spencer Harrison: Let us learn more about each other and in doing so, learn more about ourselves.

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