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20121003 Strategic Plan

Programs & Services

Access Control

Access to university facilities is monitored and controlled by Campus Security in partnership with Facilities, Planning and Management, Faculty offices, Studio Management, IT Services and all other departments. Access to controlled areas is restricted to those with written permission from a designated authority within each faculty or department.

Blue Lockdown Pull Stations

The new Blue Lockdown pull stations are similar in appearance to a red FIRE pull station, and are intended to automatically lock the doors of the Auditorium (Room 190) and Central Hall (Room 230) from the outside during a lockdown. How do they work? Similar to a FIRE pull station, you will need to pull down the handle on the station to initiate a lockdown of these rooms. Lockdown Pamphlet

Campus Safety Seminars & Information Sessions

Be sure to check the OCAD University Events Calendar for upcoming seminars and info sessions.

Duress Alarms

Duress Alarms are personal remote activation alarms that notify Campus Security of the location of an individual requiring assistance. Security personnel will be dispatched immediately once a duress alarm has been activated.

Emergency Notifications

In certain situations, particularly those involving armed violence, or threat of armed violence or other hostile acts, a building or campus lockdown may be necessary to protect students, staff and faculty, and gain control over a dangerous situation. Please review the Lockdown Pamphlet for lockdown procedures during a lockdown.

Emergency Red Phones & Blue Pole

Emergency Red Phones are installed throughout the campus and a Blue Pole is installed in Butterfield Park. These emergency phones automatically put staff, students, and faculty in contact with Campus Security and display the location of the device when activated. These emergency phones should only be used during an emergency.

Emergency Response

Campus Security will respond to any emergency on campus, including: armed intruder/shooting on campus, bomb threat/suspicious package, chemical spill/odour, evacuation, fire, lockdown, medical emergency, threatening or disruptive behavior and violent crime or sexual assault.

Emergency Response Procedures

Events and Beverage Service

OCAD U recognizes the unique social needs of a creative campus community and strives to provide an environment where these needs can be reasonably met. Please, consult the

Events and Beverage Service Policy. This policy, along with relevant Ontario Provincial Alcohol & Gaming policy, is intended to assist the OCAD U community in executing events on campus, with safety as a key component. All OCAD U events require the oversight of Campus Security from a crowd and/or alcohol management perspective.

Fire Alarms

If you discover a fire leave the area immediately and activate the fire alarm from a safe place. If you are unable to activate a fire alarm, please use pick up any Red Emergency Telephone or dial Ext 511 on any non-emergency telephone on campus to report the fire to Campus Security. If you hear a fire alarm you are required to leave the building immediately and follow instructions given by Campus Security.

Loss Prevention & Investigation

Campus Security is committed to deterring theft and vandalism and safeguarding university and personal property but we cannot do so without your cooperation and assistance. Please, do not leave valuables unattended at any time. Report any incidents involving lost, stolen or damaged items to Campus Security at Ext. 366.

Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan

OCAD University strives to provide safe emergency evacuation planning and support to all members of the community, inclusive of persons with disabilities, so that everyone, regardless of ability, gets evacuated.

Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEP’s) are customized plans designed to provide a framework for students and employees with disabilities to specify and plan for safe emergency evacuation. PEEPs are one component of OCAD U’s broader emergency evacuation plan for persons with disabilities.

Completing a PEEP is voluntary. In order to control the flow of their personal information on a situation-by-situation and person-by-person basis, persons with disabilities may choose not to complete a PEEP.

Personal Emergency Evacuation Document

OCAD University Photo ID Cards

Students, staff, and faculty are required to have a valid OCAD U Photo ID. You must be able to present your ID card while on campus, if requested. The OCAD U Student Photo ID card also serves as a library, print services and equipment rental card for registered students. Photo ID cards may be obtained at the Facilities, Planning and Management located in Room 2120, Level 1, 115 McCaul St.

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