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(Toronto — September 15, 2010) OCAD University (OCADU) will celebrate the 5th anniversary of Scotiabank Nuit Blanche on Saturday, October 2 with a sensual feast of light, sound and performance in Pitch_Patch_Pulse, cooked up by OCADU artists Bentley Jarvis, Reena Katz and Geoffrey Shea. Torontonians, prepare yourselves for an all-nighter of atmospheric fractals, portals and turbulence.

We take in the world through our senses; our eyes, ears, nose, fingers, mouth. Pitch_Patch_Pulse uses this theme to transform OCADU’s streetscape into an alluring, interactive playground. Bentley Jarvis showcases his narrative, electro-acoustical digital imagery, while Reena Katz engages visitors with an experiment in displaced global protest, called Empathic Maneuver (dimensions not to scale).Through an interactive installation inviting the audience to play “old-timey” music and animate projections using their mobile devices, Geoffrey Shea interrogates DIY culture, inspiring exploration, jam sessions and collaboration.

“The artists representing OCAD University this year for Scotiabank Nuit Blanche are innovative creators pushing the boundaries of performance, interactivity and technology,” said OCAD University President Dr. Sara Diamond, who is also Chair of the Scotiabank Nuit Blanche Advisory Committee. “These are deep-running themes present each year in Scotiabank Nuit Blanche, an event OCAD University is proud to have been a part of since its inception. Pitch_Patch_Pulse is our homage to contemporary art in Toronto — we wish all revellers a great night, and Scotiabank Nuit Blanche a very happy 5th birthday!”

Bentley Jarvis
OCADU Assistant Professor Bentley Jarvis is a multi-media artist who creates works that integrate visual, sonic and performative aspects. He has worked with choreographers, theatre designers and visual artists for more than thirty years, investigating the relationships between how objects look and sound. Jarvis’s process begins with the building of highly resonant structures, for which he then composes electro-acoustic music, which is intended to be played on the structures. His installations often feature multiple monitors that portray the visual aspects of the music, creating slowly evolving digital paintings, with sound. Jarvis’s performance videos often feature one or more live musicians interacting with the video. Jarvis has been teaching electro-acoustics at OCADU for the last 27 years.

Reena Katz
2010 OCADU Integrated Media medal winner Reena Katz is a multi-media artist guided by a deep love of collaboration. Her inventive compositions, installations and performances explore themes of gender, ethnicity, migration and anachronism, making constant reference to collectivity and oral archive. Using recorded sound, handmade electronics, wood and performance, her works often take the form of film, video, poetry and dance. Katz’s works have been exhibited at galleries, festivals and have played on international radio in Toronto, Montreal, New York and Berlin.

Empathic Maneuver (dimensions not to scale) renovates a standard parking booth into an improvised recording studio for telepresent rabble-rousing. Katz invites the public to join her via video conference and select from an array of protest chants from the US/Mexico border wall, and the Separation Wall in Palestine. Participants then rehearse and mimic their chosen chants, learning their inflections and emotions as if they were song lyrics. This displaced duet becomes a lament against architectures of power, and a moment of empathic democratization. Through cover and spectacle, Empathic Maneuver (dimensions not to scale) brings the passions, questions and concerns of civil societies across the planet to the parking corridor between OCAD and the AGO.

Geoffrey Shea
OCADU Assistant Professor Geoffrey Shea is a media artist, designer, musician and researcher focused on mobile and locative cultural content delivery and the creation of new wireless hardware and software platforms. His related research interests include sound, music, co-creation, network access and assistive communication technologies. He is a lead researcher in OCADU’s Mobile Experience Lab, where he recently completed Portage, a major research and development project with support from the Department of Canadian Heritage.

A pioneering media producer, Shea’s credits include Monster Home, the first interactive, feature-length movie for the Web. His artwork, principally in installation and video, has been presented internationally and is represented in the collections of the National Gallery of Canada and the Museum of Modern Art. As well as producing, Shea curates and writes about art and new media, most recently as a regular programmer for the Fabulous Festival of Fringe Film. Shea has taught new and emerging media for artists and designers at OCADU since 1986.

Pitch_Patch_Pulse at OCAD University
Part of Scotiabank Nuit Blanche
Saturday, October 2, 6:57 p.m. to sunrise

OCAD University
McCaul Street, from Dundas to Grange Road, Toronto
416-977-6000 | www.ocad.ca

Programmer: Caroline Seck Langill, Associate Dean, Faculty of Art
Event Manager: Jeff Zoeller, Manager, Outreach Events, Marketing & Communications

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