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Superviscous: Works in Glass

Jon Kuhn's Crystal Apricot

Jon Kuhn, Crystal Apricot (2007), cold glass, 17.5" x 13" x 13", Photo: Jackson Smith. Image courtesy of Sandra Ainsley Gallery. (Click to download high resolution image)
(Toronto—January 13, 2010) Onsite [at] OCAD, formerly called the Ontario College of Art & Design (OCAD) Professional Gallery, presents Superviscous: Works in Glass from February 19 to May 28, 2010.

Haunted by fragility and an uncertain identity (ultra-thick liquid? amorphous solid?), glass rests uneasily at the intersection between art, design and craft. Including works drawn largely from Toronto collections, Superviscous brings together artists exploring this temperamental medium’s unstable nature. Jon Kuhn’s dazzling cubes are compacted universes full of colour and light. Tim Whiten’s subtle cast broom stands quietly in the corner, contrasting with Sandra Rechico’s satisfyingly crunchy shards on the floor. Through these and other works, the show explores the contradictory associations we bring to glass. Its eye-catching beauty is both strength and weakness. Is this inevitable attractiveness just a cheap — or costly — trick?

“The artists here explore the unique properties of glass in works that range from kitsch to conceptual,” explains York Lethbridge, Operations Coordinator at Onsite and Co-curator of the exhibition. “Their works reflect art’s historical use of glass and suggest how its application might continue to evolve as new technologies emerge.”

Jon Kuhn's Golden Forest

Jon Kuhn, Golden Forest (2007), cold glass, 12.25" x 8.5" x 8.5", Photo: Jackson Smith. Image courtesy of Sandra Ainsley Gallery. (Click to download high resolution image)
Superviscous also encourages connections between generations and locations by mingling mid-career and mature artists like Rechico and Whiten with much younger practitioners such as Tyler Clark Burke and Matthew Eskusche, and by including work from a range of cultural contexts throughout eastern Canada and the U.S.

Superviscous: Works in Glass
February 19 to May 28, 2010
Curated by Charles Reeve and York Lethbridge

Reception: Thursday, February 18, 5 to 7 p.m., coinciding with the reception for Fabricating Frontiers at OCAD’s Student Gallery.

Exhibit curators Charles Reeve and York Lethbridge will give a public tour of Superviscous on Wednesday, March 3 at 6:30 p.m.

Featured artists:
Fiona Banner
Tyler Clark Burke
Matthew Eskuche
Faye HeavyShield
Nestor Kruger
Jon Kuhn
Scott Lyall
Sandra Rechico
Colette Whiten
Tim Whiten

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