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Nell Chitty & Alexandra Haagaard win best poster at EyeTrackBehavior 2013

April 15, 2013

Mobile Experience Lab Research Assistants Nell Chitty (Inclusive Design MDes candidate) and Alexandra Haagaard (Interdisciplinary Masters of Art & Design candidate) won the Best Poster Award at the EyeTrackBehavior 2013 conference in Boston last week.

Their poster explains the Cardinal Project, an eye-gesture based communication system prototype that Chitty and Haagaard have been working on with Tahireh Lal (Interdisciplinary Masters of Art & Design candidate) and Professor Geoffrey Shea in the Lab. Cardinal demonstrates a novel approach to interpreting eye gaze input for users of assistive communication devices, adopting a “swipe” approach rather than the typical “gaze and dwell” method.

The EyeTrackBehavior conference, organized by Tobii Technology, brings together academic researchers interested in eye tracking to present their work and to share experiences and insights on how they use eye tracking in their research, including experimental design, working with participants and data collection, and processing and analysis of gaze data.

View Chitty and Haagaard’s poster and read more about Cardinal (accessible PDF).

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