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Janine Miedzik and Vladimir Radoykov

win Relative Space commissions

April 18, 2012

Each year, graduating students in OCAD U's Drawing & Painting program have the opportunity to compete for a commission prize offered in partnership with Fraser Greenberg, Artistic Director of Relative Space. The Toronto business, located at 365 Dupont Street, designs and manufactures flooring solutions that solve problems while contributing to a positive sense of place.

Janine Miedzik's Accordion Fold

Janine Miedzik's Accordion Fold.

The competition is a fitting one for students of Associate Professor Colette Laliberté's course "Painting in the Expanded Field," which involves students in pictorial and spatial investigations through the pursuit of contemporary painting practice that builds on the history and theory of site-specific and installation art.

This year's competition winners, Janine Miedzik and Vladimir Radoykov, will install their site-specific painting works in Relative Space's storefront retail showroom space. Miedzik uses intriguing colour combinations paired with geometric imperfections in her works. Accordion Fold, is a large-scale wall collage assembled out of hand-painted paper. The installation will be on view from June to the end of August.

Vladimir Radoykov's Optimum

Vladimir Radoykov's Optimum, as it will be viewed from the side.

Radoykov's work, Optimum, maximizes the surface-to-volume ratio of the storefront at Relative Space. His installation dramatically increases the surface space of the walls through the incorporation of "colour beams" that offer multiple angles for viewing. Only from a frontal view are the beams visible simultaneously without hiding one another, all pointing towards the viewer. Radoykov's commission will be on display in early September 2012.

This year's jury included Anda Kubis, Chair of OCAD U's Drawing and Painting Program, OCAD U Associate Professor Jennifer Rudder, an independent curator, and Fraser Greenberg of Relative Space. OCAD University and the Faculty of Art's Drawing and Painting Program offers its thanks to Relative Space for the real-world commission experience it has provided to students over the last five years.

Congratulations to all!

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