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Sections G1
Annual Student Expenses
First-year average undergraduate arts and science full-time tuition, ancillary fees, room and board, and other expenses, 2007-08.

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  Domestic International
Tuition Fees: $4,545 $13,500
Ancillary Fees: $518 $518
Room and Board (on-campus): na na
Room Only (on-campus): na na
Board Only (on-campus meal plan): na na
Books and Supplies: $1,800 $1,800
Transportation: $800 $800
Other Expenses: $11,100 $11,856
TOTAL: $18,763 $28,474

Note: These expenses are for the full 2007-08 academic year, which refers to the period of time generally extending from September to June, usually equated to two semesters or three trimesters. Ancillary fees include only charges that all full-time students must pay that are not included in tuition (e.g., registration, health, or activity fees) and do not include optional fees (e.g., parking, laboratory use).
Costs may vary by program. For more detailed information on fees:

Source: Individual Institutions
Section G2
First-year tuition and ancillary domestic fees by program, 2007-08.
Program Name Fees
Tuition Ancillary Total
Fine Art $4,545.00 $518.00 $5,063.00
Program Name Fees
Tuition Ancillary Total
Design $4,545.00 $518.00 $5,063.00
Source: Council of Ontario Universities (COU)


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