To obtain a copy of the Draft Academic Plan, please contact the Office of the Vice-President, Academic and Provost: or ext. 2856.



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Continuing Studies Committee
Open Meetings with Students
Open Meetings with Faculty and Staff
Senate Quality Assurance Committee
Senate Undergraduate Studies Committee
Gallery Staff Meeting
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Principles Guiding the Process

The Steering Committee is committed to developing a plan:

  • produced through robust consultation
  • with clearly delineated, achievable, and measureable goals
  • that will be embedded in the university’s budgetary planning so that its priorities are appropriately resourced and contextualized within the University’s budget projections for the next five years
  • that embeds and advances OCAD U’s commitment to diversity, equity and sustainability
  • that captures key priorities identified by the university community, including faculty, staff, students, the Executive Team, the Senior Leadership Team, Senate and the Board.
  • that builds on our strengths and addresses our weaknesses
  • that takes account of external pressures and opportunities, with particular focus on changes by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development to the funding formula and performance metrics as well as on our competitor institutions.
  • that aligns with the University Strategic Plan
  • that integrates with the University Vision and Mission refresh process
  • that aligns with the refreshed research plan

Academic Plan Steering Committee Membership 


Gillian Siddall,
Vice-President, Academic and Provost

Deans or Designates

Caroline Langill,
Faculty of Liberal Arts and Science and Interdisciplinary Studies

Anda Kubis,
Faculty of Art

Jana Macalik,
Faculty of Design

Michael Prokopow,
Graduate Studies

Research Representative

Helmut Reichenbächer

Program Chairs

Angelika Seesschaf-Veres, Faculty of Design

Johanna Householder,
Faculty of Art

Ryan Rice,
Faculty of Liberal Arts and Science and Interdisciplinary Studies


Tenure-Track or Tenured Faculty Members

Andrea Fatona,
Faculty of Art

Robert Diaz,
Faculty of Liberal Arts and Science and Interdisciplinary Studies

Peter Coppin,
Faculty of Design 



Justine Hartlieb-Power,
Graduate Student

Tori Maas,
Undergraduate Student

Associate Vice-President, Students

Deanne Fisher

University Librarian

Jill Patrick

Director, Office of Diversity, Equity, and Sustainability

Amanda Hotrum