OCAD University strives to be one of the world’s most significant specialized universities in the fields of art, design and media. As part of our commitment to accountability, we make our key records, statements and reports publicly available.

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ARCHIVE: Strategic Plan 2006 - 2012, Leading in the Age of Imagination

(Current OCAD University’s strategic plan, Advancing Excellence at OCAD University for the Age of Imagination, 2012-2017)

OCAD University’s strategic plan, Leading in the Age of Imagination, was approved by its Board of Governors in December 2006. The Synthesis, OCAD Strategic Plan 2007, provides a summary of the plan’s main areas of focus. The full version of Leading in the Age of Imagination is also available for download as a PDF.

Synthesis, OCAD Strategic Plan 2007 (PDF)
Leading in the Age of Imagination 2006 - 2012 (full version) (PDF)